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❤ — Right, why would they want to play with a monster like himself? Letting out a sad sigh, the child backed away from the group of children who were doing the same; neither of them wanted to be near the other. Gaara would take this as a hint to leave, and so he did; at full speed too.

Ah, it would look like she was lost again. Nina glanced around the area briefly, the child had not a clue of where in the world she wound up this time, and Alexander wasn’t around either. How troublesome, perhaps there was someone nearby she could ask for help?  Fortunately for Nina, help came in the form of a little boy, running at full speed in her direction.

She noticed the boy a little too late however and he came charging right into her, stumbling backwards the girl nearly fell, but kept her footing and blinked at the unfamiliar child.

"Hey, are you okay?"


His eyes widened at the sight of the child. Breathe in, breathe out…


“I—I’m fine.” Pause. “Are you lost?”

"Are you sure mister?" She caught the widening of his eyes and tilted her head. "You look like you saw a monster." Nina shakes her head, "No. I’m not lost, I’m looking for my friend." 


He had simply been playing in the back garden, Kaa~San had said he had twenty minutes to play, and then dinner would be ready. He had just been adventuring with his dinosaur, he had been climbing trees and saving stuck cats when suddenly, Sasuke realised he had gone to far out again. He would be too busy running and skipping about he would work his way right past the back fence and into the woods.

He looked about and huffed, he would surely get scolded again by Tou~San for not listening again. He flopped himself onto the floor and made his dinosaur walk back across the grass in front of his feet. He was busy plotting his way back home and his alibi when he heard foot steps and a girl’s voice. He jumped up and hid the plushie behind his back. He took a few steps forward and peeped through the branches of the bush he was crouched behind. Alexander? Who was that? Confused, yet strangely gutsy, the young Uchiha stepped through the bush and found himself standing in front of a young girl.

“Who are you?” He asked, tilting his head to one side. “And who is Alexander?”

"My name’s Nina, and Alexander is my dog." She finally answers after a moment of staring at the boy. "You haven’t seen a big white doggy around, have you? He usually comes when I call him."

Alexander raises his head from his paws sharply when he senses it. Something unnatural was in the air. The large canine gave a low whine in his throat and lowers his head around slightly to nudge his sleeping master awake. Nina was sprawled out on a blanket she had laid down earlier after deciding to take a nap in the yard, upon feeling Alexander’s incessant nudging the child lightly groans and flutters her lashes at the dog.

"Alexander…?" Lethargically the female swipes at her eyes and gives her dog a confused look, why was he waking her up, she was having such a nice dream. Alexander whines again, ears pinning back against his fur, then barks quietly, head turning in the direction of the front gates.

"Huh?" Nina’s head tilts in confusion, what was he trying to tell her? She sits up and turns her attention to their front gate, eyes squinting at what looked to be a fuzzy figure slowly shuffling its way towards them. For a third time Alexander’s whining in her ear but now he’s up on his feet and his teeth are clamped around the sleeve of her shirt, tugging gently at the fabric, they had to get out of here. Something wasn’t right.

Of course, Nina is oblivious to what her dog is feeling at the moment, her eyes locked on the strange figure, who looked to be able Alexander’s height, covered in a mix of… brown and white fur (?) Blinking once more, the toddler pulls her arm away from her companion and gently pets his neck in a calming gesture. “It’s okay Alexander, its just another doggy!”




"Are you alright, mister?"

FMA Headcanon #5


As Shou Tucker sat Nina down beside Alexander in the transmutation circle, she asked ‘What kind of game are we playing, Daddy?’

‘It’s alchemy,’ he said. ‘Like Edward and Alphonse’s, only much more important.’ 

Nina nodded once, a grin on her face as she looped an arm around her dog’s neck. She looked up at her father with wide, human eyes as he knelt in front of the array, and he hesitated for an instant before shaking any beginnings of regret from his mind.

This is more important, he thought as he looked away from his daughter. I can’t lose this, we can’t lose this.

With those thoughts circling through his mind, he touched his palms to the array.


Despite Shou Tucker turning Nina into a Chimera she still loved him



If Shou had somehow managed to appease the Military without having to transmute Nina and Alexander, thus allowing them to go on with their lives, when Nina get’s older, she would hate the Military. Because unlike the Elrics, Shou would want to keep living large so he’s always slaving away in his lab doing god knows what.


are there any people who actually like shou tucker

Worst Fandom Dad #4: Shou Tucker


For our next contender we turn our gaze to that wondrous world of anime and the awesome tour d’force of Fullmetal Alchemist.
In a world of alchemists who wield the power to transmute the elements in one object into something else entirely, there was a poor small town alchemist named Shou Tucker who lived with his wife, young daughter Nina and dog Alexander.


However, due to monetary issues, his marriage was on the rocks and his wife left him. On that self same day Shou passed the exam to join the State Alchemy program , becoming the Sowing Life Alchemist and giving him financial security and stability, as long as he continued to show his brilliance.


But there was a problem, Shou’s triumph was the first ever talking chimera, a beast formed from multiple other animals. Unfortunately after 2 years he was at risk of loosing his state licence and funding as he’d never produced another since that fateful day.


On the eve of his assessment, Shou’s work finally came together and he produced a talking chimera. A chimera made from his pet DOG AND NINA. 


Following an interrogation by the Fullmetal Alchemist it was finally uncovered that he had in fact used his wife in the original chimera, meaning that with only animal subjects he could never achieve a talking chimera. In the end retribution came swiftly to Shou, as he along with the irreversible Nina/Alexander chimera were sent to oblivion by the mysterious Ishvalan mass murderer Scar.

Shou Tucker is a CLEAR candidate for Fandom’s Worst Dad. Unlike the others who have manipulated, snarked at and not cared about their offspring, Shou used his own daughter in an attempt to stay a state licensed alchemist. What kind of messed up psycho does that? So I give you Shou Tucker, mad alchemist and unforgivable father.


This wasn’t any good. Alexander had run off and now she was hopelessly lost. When had their backyard turned into a bunch of trees and bushes? She couldn’t remember honestly as she had been walking for who knows how long and there was still no hide nor hair of Alexander to be found.

Where could that silly doggy have run off to now? She hears a rustle from the nearby bushes and whirls around to address the noise. 

"Alexander, if this some kind of game you’re playing, I don’t like it."


{/Score, the child instantly brightened up when Xion suggested cookies for her mother. Besides, Nina could eat a few herself, and it would help her sleep with something sweet in her mouth and sweet thoughts filling her head. But one flaw in Xion’s plan, Nina wasn’t allowed in the kitchen without a grown up. So what? She had her! And Xion was practically a grown up so it could count and they could be all fine and dandy without any questions or qualms about it. Shifting the child to her back, Xion stood and then walked out of her room and down the hall to the kitchen with a smile on her face, and pep in her step.}


“Don’t worry Nina! I can handle most of the things like the oven! You’ll help with getting everything, cracking the eggs, and mixing it!”

{/Carrying Nina into the kitchen, Xion placed her on the counter and then placed her hands on her own hips to look around the vicinity.} “Okay….first things first…..do you know where I can get a really big bowl to mix stuff in?”

"Uhm, Daddy usually keeps it over there. In that cupboard." After settling down on the counter Nina points to the storage cabinet directly across from them, which housed all, if not most of their cooking utensils. She wasn’t really sure where in the cabinet it would be though, like a lot of things in the house that wasn’t part of his research her father just shoved it into place and hardly touched it.